During the 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires, Australia’s top rural affairs newspaper, News Ltd’s The Weekly Times, published the opinion that those responsible for the mismanagement of public land, “…should be charged with culpable manslaughter given the tragic loss of life that has occurred”. Under new industrial manslaughter legislation, referred to as the ‘tall poppy’ law, we believe that would potentially include the Liberal Party of Australia, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Premiers and Ministers. Put simply, the failed 2020 enquiry: “…will not indemnify you and the Liberal Party, from future prosecutions”(Letters No.765).

The three page one ‘banner headline’ articles below, which precede the ‘culpable manslaughter’ opinion, demonstrate State negligence about the ignition and unmitigated fuel loads, that create Extreme Bushfires.

The four article/letters which follow the ‘culpable manslaughter’ opinion, demonstrate the cover up by the State, of its negligence about Extreme Bushfires.

Weekly Times 12 Dec 2018, A story about failure: The Minister “…refused to answer questions…”

Weekly Times 12 Dec 2018

Weekly Times 23 Jan 2019, Further failure: The Minister “…refused to answer questions…”

Weekly Times 23 Jan 2019

Weekly Times 30 Oct 2019, The cause of ‘Black Summer’ predicted “…fuels stand ready to explode…”

Weekly Times 30 Oct 2019

Weekly Times 15 Jan 2020, Those responsible for mismanagement “…should be charged with culpable manslaughter…”

Weekly Times 26 Aug 2020, The governments bushfire expert “…accused the government of being sneaky buggers…” and Editorial, “No transparency equals no accountability”.

Weekly Times 2 Sep 2020, Firestick Estate “…Professor Tolhurst described that fire…fireballs…like a hurricane…as the fuel-air mixture bursts into flame…

Weekly Times 23 Sep 2020, Article by top world experts “…killing our people…officially sanctioned by …Liberal Party…”

Weekly Times 30 Sep 2020, Firestick Estate  “…faith in climate change…an extraordinary dangerous thing…”

Weekly Times 14 Oct 2020, Firestick Estate “Are the CFA volunteers being treated badly? You bet they are.

Weekly Times 4 Nov 2020, Firestick Estate “…the perpetrator is the the federal Liberal Party…

Weekly Times 18 October 2023.  “If appropriate fuel reduction had been applied prior to the 2019-20 Black Summer Bushfires, Mallacoota would not have burned”