2020 Royal Commission

Firestick Estate instigated the 2020 Federal Royal Commission into bushfires, because:
“…even though the Commonwealth Parliament has no specific power in relation to the environment, it can, under its external affairs power…give effect to an international agreement on the environment” (The Australian Constitution, Edition 1999, Overview, Commonwealth Legislative Powers).

One international agreement on the environment states “Promote the protection of ecosystems, natural habitats and the maintenance of viable populations of species in natural surroundings” (The International Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 8(d), Ratified in 1993).

John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia, 1996 to 2007) stated: “We have made certain international commitments; having made those commitments, we are bound to keep them and implement them…” (Clip – Sky News 6 January 2020). For 27 years, Australia has been in breach of our international obligations towards the environment. The 2020 Federal Royal Commission must address that catastrophic failure.