Firestick Estate is a volunteer group, set up to promote the protection from Extreme Bushfires, of the Australian Estate’s ecology, people, stock and infrastructure. Our proposed solution is heavy on Government leadership and light on taxpayer funds, using locally modified versions of the 12 Recommendations from www.elthamsdeathtrap.com

In 2020 Prime Minister Scott Morison finally acknowledged the federal government’s responsibility for extreme bushfires, by establishing a Federal inquiry. Australia’s most respected living bushfire expert, Phil Cheney, stated about the reason for the inquiry: “It’s the inevitable result of the governments abrogating their responsibilities to managing public lands”  Video Clip Here Full Video (Sky News, 10 January  2020). 

To support your bush and suburbs being made healthier and safer from extreme bushfires, please donate to Firestick Estate, BSB 633-000 Acc. 154153456, Bendigo Community Bank, Diamond Creek. A small donation repeated by many becomes a big donation.